HMN looks to the Stars for the future…

Press Release:

The Hometown Media Network is constantly looking for ways to deliver our content to our customers. HMN currently relies on terrestrial Cellular Communications Carriers to deliver our content to our viewers, due to the remote locations and limited cellular towers near dirt tracks this has posed a challenge.

In a statement Founder Scott Pienta says “HMN is always looking to the future of delivering quality content to our customers, but the lack of or over saturation of cellular towers posses larger issues at our remote broadcast locations.” He goes on to say “Our customers join our network and expect to see something they cannot get on traditional television or other like services, so we need to constantly be looking towards the future like Hughesnet or startup Starlink by Elon Musk. Thus giving us a greater coverage for our viewers.”

Hometown Media Network will be launching their satellite feed broadcast in time for Tri-City Speedway.

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